Enjoy greater clarity in life’s direction, peaceful relationship with others and prosperous well-being. Feel the difference as you experience the breakthrough.

About Bethel Sozo

Bethel Sozo is an inner healing and deliverance ministry developed out of the Transformation Centre at Bethel Church, Redding California. The ministry’s goal is to uncover and address the root issues hindering your personal growth and relationship with the Holy Trinity – Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Sozo is a Greek word that appears 110 times in the New Testament and it means to be “saved, healed and delivered” all at once.

In Singapore, Sozo ministry sessions are conducted on-site on Thursday evenings or
online via zoom, by appointments only. To book a session, simply click on the link below and our administrator will arrange the next available session for you.

A Sozo ministry Session

There will be a team of two in the room who will pray with you and guide you through a process of connecting with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

You will be led to ask a series of questions to the three persons of the Godhead to reveal :

  • Lies that you are believing
  • Wounds that need healing
  • People to forgive
  • Unhealthy relational and/or generational ties
  • Sins to renounce

The sessions are confidential and the notes we take are for you to keep so that you can remember your encounter with the Holy Trinity. Recording of the sessions are not permitted.



I did a Sozo in early 2023. One of the areas highlighted was aspects of my career and also over a number of lost opportunities. After being set free by Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, the next day, I got an unexpected surprise in my career! Thank you Sozo Ministry, it has been such a blessing.


During my Sozo session, I realized that the root of my problems was not being able to believe that I can hear God speaking to me. Through confessing wrong beliefs about the Lord and repenting of pride/self-righteousness, I felt the barriers in hearing God’s voice were removed. I am now able to have a more intimate relationship with the Trinity when I realized how much they love me.

- SO

“Before my Sozo, I always have this belief that I am an overwhelming person that will hurt others and as a result, I held myself back in leadership, in business dealings and my community work. During the Sozo, I let go of hurtful events and recognized that the voices of the past do not have to affect my future. God showed me that I am appropriate and I can speak my mind. The sozo has helped me walk in new freedom and I can be myself and even more.”